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Making Waves with 100K 

We are looking to raise $100,000 in 2023 for our Sensory H2O program. The proceeds will go towards scholarships for the participants and equipment for the program. 

Did you know?





Drowning is the number one cause of death of people with autism.

Drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death in children ages one to 14.

People with cognitive disorders are approximately twice as likely to die from drowning than members of the general population.

Swimming provides invaluable therapy for children with autism, as well as providing a social outlet for them. 

Our Response


Sensory H20

Swim instruction and physical therapy for children with ADHD, Autism and Down Syndrome.

• 30- minute dry land exercises

• 30-minute swim lessons

• 2 sessions with physical therapists

• Parent resources available


Swim H20

Swim lessons for children, adults, families, and community organizations.

Swim H20

• Swim lessons for children with autism, ADHD, and Down syndrome

Swim H20 Friends

• Swim lessons for typical developing children

Team H20

Swim team for children with ADHD, Autism, and Down Syndrome.


Adult Swim Lessons

Private & Semi-Private Swim lessons for adults


Workforce Development

SLF has partnered with community organizations to implement a workforce development program. Our staff are highly trained in water safety education. We provide certifications, supervision, and volunteer hours to students that are looking to get into aquatic education or preparing for post secondary programs that specialize in working with persons with special needs such as Physical therapy, occupational therapy, education, psychology and more. 

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